Saturday, February 27, 2010


I saw the second trailer for Stylo today. A lot of people were upset at the animation being in CGI. Honestly...

I was impressed.

Now, the animated foursome are more, say, attractive in their two dimensional look. The transition of the characters from 2D to 3D improved over the years.
Remember this?

The style wasn't matched well in that video.

In STYLO, I think the CGI is more freestyle. It has more life. It's pretty cool that some animators aren't staying to the old rendered roots of CGI.

Fanboy and Chum Chum is a PERFECT example of freeform CGI. See the sketches above? Now look below.
Oh, the expressions! The compositon! The colors! And this is ALL in a CGI cartoon? Wow!

My, whatever happened to lifeless structures?

...I'm sounding like John K. Dear lord. I love that man.

Speaking of John K. and CGI, I know he pitched He-Hog to Dreamworks. I lost faith in Dreamworks ever since Monsters vs. Aliens, but I think they might do well with it. If John is with them, I think the animators will get in shape.
Special thanks to Matt for all of the help!


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God, Trygve, I hate you so much.

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