Thursday, June 17, 2010

It isn't always 'tude

I promise I'll get some art in tomorrow, but I just want to discuss something, in response to this.

'Tude is, indeed, annoying to see. The expression above, if you saw the trailer for the new Disney movie (Which I'm excited to see!) is confusion. It makes me sad how a great cartoonist like John Kricfalusi can't tell the difference between the typical 'tude face and other emotions.

You have to understand the character to get the emotions. Here's some examples:




Johnny Bravo always scared me as a kid how sad.

See? Nothing is always 'TUDE. The main point is that it's all in the character's personality.

I'll put some bad examples up shortly.


Naz said...

Sometimes I think John K. Doesn't realize that maybe it all looks similar because they are using a really REALLY common style, with common, conventional expressions. They aren't really "recycling" faces or poses. They are following a strict style.
He's just pissy because they aren't going off model all the time like he does.
But the off model noodly style IS starting to get just as common as the strict Disney type PRETTYPRETTY.

The One Named Sailor Mik said...

I was seeing that and I was like, "Dude..." D8

It's like with scenes from Robin Hood & The Jungle Book with recycled scenes too. o.0

That guy from the new Disney trailer kinda reminds me of Bryan without the goth attire. XD I just had to say that!