Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot Springs and Sketches

I am up in New Hampshire at the moment. It was raining at my campsite and I just so happened to work on this. It's my characters Kumi (the wolf) and Abby (the lion) at a hot spring.
Kumi and Abby are step siblings. Kumi's the lazy comic geek who is kind of a penny pincher. She comes from Sendai, Japan. Her father was a former rockstar and is now a journalist. Abby is from South Africa. She's more energetic and a bit more serious. Thanks to her mother, Josephine, she knows how to cook and clean very well.
Now about the picture, I decided to pay a trip for the two to go to a hot spring. Today was kind of a lazy day, and I could give my left arm to go into a jacuzzi, sauna, whatever.

Here's the lineart of the image. I sketched it in MS PAINT, inked in Flash MX, and colored in Photoshop Elements. The total time? Probably five hours.

I don't have my scanner up here, but here's some old sketches I did weeks ago or whatever...

Scout from Team Fortress 2! That is my favorite game. I'm horrible at playing as Scout and Sniper, but strangely, Spy is my best character. A lot of people can't play as Spy, but I can.

I like Scout, though. He's from Boston (Like me!) and he's the kind of guy that you'd want to hang out with. Hell, all of the characters on Team Fortress 2 are awesome!

I came up with this dude after listening to Korn, System of a Down, and Marilyn Manson. Strangely, my mother likes this. She wants this in my portfolio...Huh...

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